Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) has been present at Pinnacle Health System since 1995 when it was started by Dr. Terry Tressler. Since that time, it has evolved from a small, consultative practice into an integral part of obstetrical care in the Harrisburg region. Our practice, known as Maternal Fetal Medicine of Central Pennsylvania since 2001, has grown to include three MFM specialists, MFM Fellows, genetic counselors, perinatal nurses and sonographers.

Our dynamic community-based private practice involves perinatal consultations utilizing specialized diagnostic ultrasound including diagnostic 3D imaging. Invasive prenatal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed include amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling (CVS), and in utero therapy (i.e. - transfusion).

There are several ways that our practice is involved in patient care. We provide consultative services in the evaluation and management of pregnant patients. Our consultations are performed in conjunction with the obstetrical care providers within our referral network. We also provide complete prenatal care including delivery for those patients that have been transferred to our practice due to the high risk nature of their pregnancies.

In keeping with our commitment to provide our patient's with convenient communications with our practice, we've provided you with the ability to pay your MFM bill online. We accept major credit cards. Once you have submitted your secure bill payment a receipt will be shown on your screen for print. If you have any questions regarding your bill or making an online payment please contact us at (717) 231-8472.

  • Complete Anatomical Ultrasound- Detailed evaluation of the fetal anatomy including measurements of the head, body, and extremities as well as careful observation of any structures able to be visualized by ultrasound.

  • Genetic Services- Certified genetic counselors provide consultation to patients with a personal/family history of genetic disorders or who have a current pregnancy at increased risk for a genetic problem.

  • High Risk Pregnancy Management- Our perinatologists offer co-management to our referring obstetrical providers in the care of pregnant women with chronic diseases or whose babies have birth defects diagnosed prenatally.

  • Pre-Pregnancy Counseling- Clinicians at our perinatal center with specialized training in genetic diseases are available to discuss various conditions that may pose a risk to a future pregnancy with couples wishing to get pregnant.